Z Day: Hearts of Heroes | MMO Strategy War Latest Mobile Game 2019

The description of Z Day
The history you recognize isn't essentially true.
In 1944, the Allied Forces landed in geographical area, that is currently observed as D-day.
Evil scientists used weapons that would modification the weather, that semiconductor diode to the D-day battles in geographical area failing within the storm.

In 1945, the Nazis go away associate degree experimental matter Bomb, destroyed most countries within the world, and destroyed social rule.
This day is named Zero Day, or Z-DAY for brief.

In this dark new world, evil forces request to beat all humanity, and none dare to oppose them... aside from those with the ""hearts of heroes"" UN agency ar willing to present their lifes to prevent the zombie apocalypse!

The evil captain is already looking for the matter, a compound with associate degree infinite power of destruction. If no one stops him, he can erase the complete mankind and switch each soul into associate degree undead zombie.
It is time to act with strategy during this war MMO game! Build your heroes army, fortify your base, create friends, and put off the enemy assault whereas making an attempt to survive a zombie PvP war jam-packed with adrenaline!

Let the survival heroes battle begin:

• make and fortify your town and contain the zombie invasion, repair buildings and farms aboard your base and military centers during this survival strategy MMO!
• Multiplayer PvP World War! Hold your head high as a commander and march courageously onto a field of world terror to say glory!
• Army Alliances! create friends and build relationships together with your allies. Work along victimisation completely different ways to defeat the assault of the evil commanding officer and storm the monster Bastion during this RPG!
• War Heroes! Gods of military can assist you intent on battle with strategy. Get your war heroes trained up!
• Destroyers! Death from higher than. A legendary craft of devastating attack power! Survive the zombie invasion the least bit costs!
• Supersoldier! Explore the Abandoned Facility together with your mechanization soldier and contend within the field arena!
• Multiplayer battle competition! over PvP, be a part of the Region vs. Region, Alliance vs. Alliances, and therefore events in many areas of the Northern Front!
• Chat! Connect with alternative players from round the world in an exceedingly real time conversation!
• Strategy multiplayer MMO RPG! Manage your resources, train your soldier army troops and develop the heroes defense and attack techniques. perceive your enemy and strike with strategy!
• Building! Build yourself associate degree Empire robust enough for shelter to survive the war to finish all wars within the MMO field.
• Epic Survival Story! recent immersive horror fighting storyworld filled with alarming zombie invaders!

Only ONE war alliance will claim the legitimate power to rule! Kill zombies, build military army troops, train heroes and type human alliances during this strategy MMO! Revive civilization as a zombie hunter accomplishing each RPG mission! Your troopers ar waiting. The zombie plague is simply the start. you're a war hero during this invasion doomsday. ar you prepared for the fight, Commander?

NOTE: Z Day could be a fully absolve to transfer and play survival MMO. Some game things, however, also can be purchased for real cash. If you are doing not wish to use this feature, please choose word protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app. A network association is additionally needed.

Z Day. No a lot of rules. Don't wait, get your vasoconstrictor pumping and ACT as a hero during this endless war! Prepare yourself as a Commander within the field and fight with strategy the numerous faces of death in an exceedingly survival MMO jam-packed with

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