8 Ball Pool

The description of 8 Ball Pool
•The World's #1 Pool game - currently on Android!•
Play with friends! Play with Legends. Play the hit mini clip eight ball pool game on your mobile and get the best!


Refine your skills within the observe arena, wrestle the planet in 1-vs-1 matches, or enter tournaments to win trophies and exclusive cues!


Customize your cue and table!In each of your matches 1 vs 1, the pool will look coin - win the match and therefore the coins will be yours.you'll use these to enter higher hierarchal Matches a great deal, or buys new things in the pool search.۔


Playing friends is easy: sign on together with your Miniclip or Facebook account and you’ll be ready to challenge your friends straight from the sport. Challenge friends anytime, anyplace and blow their own horns your skills.


8 Ball Pool’s level system suggests that you’re continually facing a challenge. Play matches to extend your ranking and acquire access to additional exclusive match locations, wherever you play against solely the most effective Pool players.

This game needs net association

SUPPORT(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why has my account been Flagged? (Account flagged or banned)

Flagged accounts are tracked by our system as employing a third-party game modification tool to achieve a plus against your opponents.

Our warning System can enable you to continue enjoying provided you are doing not use any cheats once more.

If your account was for good illegal it'll not be re-opened, deleted or any details modified to that. the e-mail related to that account won't be usable to make a brand new account.

2. the way to notice your Miniclip distinctive ID on eight Ball Pool Multiplayer?

This variety is generated once you initial produce your Miniclip account and it remains identical whereas the account is active, serving as Associate in Nursing identification of the user.

1)Open your game and at the lowest right you'll see your Nickname and profile image. Click thereon.

2)Once you click thereon, your Profile Page can pop-up, showing your currency, achievements, total quantity of winnings and different details, as well as your UniqueID.

3. Troubleshooting Lost association problems

How to Fix Your association to Our Game Servers

If you've got received a lost association error message whereas enjoying a Miniclip game there could also be a haul together with your native association to our game servers.

Let's try and see if it might be a short lived issue together with your network. Here ar some steps you'll try:

1) check your router. strive connecting your pc on to your electronic equipment. Please note wireless connections aren't suggested for on-line gambling. to confirm responsibility, confirm you're employing a wired association to the web whereas enjoying online;

2) close different programs (especially P2P programs) whereas you're enjoying to urge the most effective results;

3) Check to visualize different computers or devices (Tablets or Phones) on your native (home) network aren't depletion the information measure required to keep up your association to the sport server;

4) Check to visualize your ISP isn't block or proscribing your association (this ofttimes happens within the evenings between 5pm and 11pm) Please check at different times of the day and see if you've got identical issue;
You can check the standard of your net association by doing a check here: http://www.pingtest.net/

This tests the standard of your net association, please note if you Line Quality scores below a grade A then you're additional probably to expertise a lost association.

4. Surprise Boxes - obtaining items of cues you already own

If you're obtaining items of cues you already own in your Surprise Boxes, worry not!

There is a randomised facet to Surprise Boxes that works a great deal like commercialism cards. Initially, the primary packs of commercialism cards you get can continually bew stuffed with new cards you continue to do not own. However, the additional cards your have, the additional probably it's for you to urge perennial cards on the way!

It will be precisely the same with Surprise Boxes which is why additional down the road you'll get some perennial cue items. Whenever this happens, though, you'll still receive an additional in Pool Coins to form up for it

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