Nearify Discover Events free app 2019

The description of Nearify
Discover all events you're keen on, on topics you prefer, as ne'er before, happening close to you from over twenty million events worldwide.

✓ Our users will discover amazing, new and wonderful things to try and do, events in each town in Bharat|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} and outdoors India, like trending events in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, city (Bangaluru), Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, metropolis likewise as common events in the big apple town (NYC), London, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Singapore, Chicago, San Jose, l. a. , Atlanta, Austin, Miami etc together with 200+ additional happening cities of the globe.

✓ Nearify recommends on a daily basis customized list of events for you at the situation of your alternative. Also, notice trending events for the weekend, weekdays or any major holidays prior to so you'll arrange your free time ahead.

✓ notice what events your friends area unit feeling, attending, once your favorite artists, musicians, comedians events area unit coming all at one place.

✓ ne'er pay your free time losing interest sitting reception - be it a weekend or after you area unit on a vacation or move for work. as an example, if you reside in city and travel Bombay, Nearify is your friend to provide you exposure of places, things to try and do, Bombay events likewise as for your home city city events.

✓ continuously grasp victimisation, Nearify, what all is going on like school Festivals, Music Festivals, Dance Performances, Film Festivals, Rock and Roll, Karaoke, Food Festivals, Jazz Music, Indie Music, folk music, Culture and Humanities, Sufi Theme, Theater, Magic Shows, Improvs and Stand-up Comedy, Bollywood, Dance, Nature Walks, Live Bands, Dating, Blues Music, Open-mic, Mixology, Live DJ, Start-ups, Technology Product Launches, Adventure, Sports, Photography, Yoga categories or the other fascinating gig that you just will attend, have a good time after you get out of your homes, explore, and socialize.

✓ Use Nearify to ask your friends to your favorite events, share events together with your teams on facebook, whatsapp, notice directions to event venues, notice events at your favorite venues, book tickets, cinema, movies.

✓ you'll even add your cherished events to phone calendar to be reminded before the event that you just ought to go and attend.

How to use Nearify
✓✓ once downloading, tell US the sort of events you prefer from over 2000 topics , your social profile (optional), and your location alternative, and let Nearify do remainder of the magic of finding the simplest ones for you.
✓✓ Take a look of of these events, like them by clicking on the guts icon or share it together with your friends on any social platform.

✓✓ you'll additionally follow your favorite artists and track their events.

✓✓ Well, that’s concerning it! is not it interesting!!

✓✓ transfer currently and ne'er miss an occurrence any longer

The story of however Nearify happened

We were bored one weekend. ton of your time in hand however no clue concerning what to try and do. Despite scanning many we tend tobsites we couldn't notice something fascinating to try and do. No web site was useful in suggesting US events we tend to may attend. so as to resolve this drawback and create discovering events simple, Nearify was born.
Now, sit back, transfer Nearify and luxuriate in events everyday.

-----------------for Event Organizers--------------
Nearify incorporates a ton for the event organizers additionally - particularly in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, city (Bangaluru), Mumbai, Bombay, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, metropolis and alternative main urban regions in Republic of India. you'll produce your event on Nearify - whether or not you're organizers of Fun events, whether or not paid or free, like parties, comedy shows, live music shows etc otherwise you area unit organizer of business conferences, networking events or trade shows etc - ready to} in few clicks produce your event and Nearify users are able to see those events (Provided they're smart events if not best). :) Let's Nearify the globe by operating along.

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